Why Mumbox? Because Mamas Matter


| By Rachel Maskell

Why Mumbox? Because Mamas Matter

Last year around Mother's Day I watched this video from John Oliver. By the end of his ten minute rant I was crying both tears of laughter and sadness. Is this truly the state of our world where we demand so much of mothers and give so little in return?  

Fast forward to today and this video still sits with me. I know I am one of the lucky ones who was able to have a homebirth and stay in the comfort of my home for as long as I needed (although I did go back to work after a few weeks but I got to do it from bed) and I am incredibly grateful for that. But it's not what many other mamas experience.

In America we currently spend approx $671 million on cards and $1.9 billion on flowers on Mother's Day. Gifts that are lovely but in no way support mamas in ways that they need most.

I know I can't affect legislation right now, especially in this political climate, but I believe we can all lean in and make a statement that MAMAS MATTER.

How can we lean in?

By purchasing a Mumbox and supporting the #mumboss vision when the Kickstarter launches on March 1st.


Why the Mumbox will make a difference?

  • Ultimately as citizens we are voting with our dollars every day. By what we invest in we are telling the world that those things are important to us.
  • By gifting a mama you love the Mumbox, you are giving her the tools and guidance she can use to nourish and support HERSELF
  • It's going to take a village. A village to make a bigger shift and to help give the mama in your life some time back that she needs. Yes, that may mean doing a task that normally you wouldn't do or taking care of the kids while mama enjoys her Mumbox.
  • It starts with us. Us meaning us mothers, mamas, mums, and moms. We have to invest in ourselves first before we can expect others to.
  • Being an example for the future generation. Our children watch everything we do. When our kids (especially daughters) see us taking time and caring for ourselves they learn that self love is important and essential.

On paper the Mumbox may just be another quarterly subscription box but I believe it's a way to unite us all and say, “Yes! Mamas Matter!”

Join me March 1st for the launch of the Mumbox Kickstarter and reserve yours in time for Mother's Day.