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Women are the Medicine

[DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_PLUS] Rachel Maskell in Asheville I’m starting to learn my way around Asheville. By the time I leave it will have been 24 days here. That’s a fair chunk of time for me when considering that I have only lived in my apartment in LA for 95 days and we’re leaving a few days after I get home. Whirlwind? A bit. But things are getting better. That clarity I spoke of last’s growing. Dr Lind, the oncology doctor says it’s a sign that the chemo was doing it’s job. I think my dad see’s it otherwise. Me? I am just happy that things are running and functioning on their own in a more progressive way than when I arrived. Progress. Progress makes me feel like I’ve done my job. As though I am The Wolf in Pulp Fiction...ok, maybe that’s a bit much but I’m okay with being a taskmaster. “Git ‘ear done!” I know I will process more later. I know there is more to process. But staying focused on what is right in front of me is what allows me to be away from my own family. It’s a trick of the mind. One I am familiar with from traveling so much as a kid from one parent to the next across the country. Is it appreciation for the moment we are in or is it avoidance and separation? I’m not sure. But family through all of this has been prominent. Family I am with, family that is back home, my friends,’s so palpable and so appreciated. It truly takes a tribe. Feeling thankful too for being a woman. For having the capacity to encompass and provide. I recently read a quote that said, “women are the medicine.” It resonates so deeply with me. Through our own awareness and respect for our ability to hold space and infuse our environments with compassion...traits I believe to be native to women...we not only can heal others in our world, we can heal the world. Bold? Perhaps. True? Most definitely. At least that’s what I believe. So what’s next? Finding the right people to manage my dad’s care, then return home and pack and start a new cycle of exploration. To assist with my dad I have put together a campaign. If interested you can check that out here and stay up to date with his progress.  Still, every day I think about my passion with #mumboss and the amazing mamas out there. A new breed of women are emerging. We are finding our strength, owning it and rocking it to the core! Season three may be a bit later in starting than I was planning but it’s coming and I am ready for it! Stay tuned for nonprofit updates, new models of motherhood and what I am most looking forward to on this next road trip adventure. FYI it may involve Further Future! xo Rachel