Your Inner Parent


| By Rachel Maskell

Your Inner Parent

Listening to the wisdom of the body ~

"...we are so dominated by the thought-chatter in our head that it's easy to lose touch with the heart and the gut..." -Genevieve Von Lob

One page that jumped out at me from this quarter’s #mumboss zine ‘Inner Gold’ was this:

Listening well

Over the last 11 months I’ve learnt so much from my little babe and listening is a biggie. So instinctual yet tricky when the words aren’t there. Just like our children learn to speak, as parents we are on a journey of learning how to hear them. And that starts on day 1.

Noises, expressions, gestures, looks and stares – it’s how we communicate from the beginning of life into adulthood. We learn what our babies are telling us so early on and, especially as mothers, we intuitively follow lead to provide what’s need.

However, when sleep is scarce and the day piles up on top of us, listening to that little voice without words can be tough. Tough days happen. But when we overload ourselves with ‘stuff’, busyness and all of the things that ‘should’ be done, our minds have no room for thought. Using that moment to stop, to breath and to THINK isn’t our first flush of feeling. It can be feelings of panic or frustration that take over and with our minds full of thoughts and things – there’s no quiet to hear what our children are telling us.

Consciously making an effort to give ourselves space to be calm and relaxed with our little ones can help us reach for our inner parent and make actions that are calm, soft and eventually even smooth.

We need to create an opening in the constant bombardment to find a moment of silence to THINK and feel true. The right choice or some guidance will arise far more easily in that moment of relaxed calm.

In the end, do what feels right and listen to your gut, embrace your instincts. We as parents know our children better than anyone else ever could – sometimes it just takes a bit more listening.

Take 5 mumma, and find the little gap in the stream to channel your inner parent.

 - written by #mumboss Nicola Dellard-Lyle