Your Rocketship to Higher Purpose with Mika Cali


| By Rachel Maskell

Your Rocketship to Higher Purpose with Mika Cali

“My work is showing up every day to the higher Self” - Mika Cali

In today’s #mumboss video I interview artist Mika Cali about her work, how she balances being a ‘divorcee’ with two beautiful daughters, and still manages to have a smile on her face.

I love Mika’s authenticity and her willingness to share her challenges as well as her tools on how she deals with the crazies, or tornadoes of life as she calls them. Check out the video below to find out more.

Hot tip...when we feel caught in the whirlwind it’s time to do a quick self assessment. Have we eaten? Have we exercised? Have we stopped breathing? Just like we check in with everyone else we need to be asking ourselves the same thing.

Now, let’s hear from you. What are your favorite tools for staying sane or getting out of the crazies?

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