You're Due For a Tuneup


| By Rachel Maskell

You're Due For a Tuneup

 That is You All and Me are due for a tune up. If you're wondering what I mean, because after all you're not a car, then keep on reading and by the end of this I'm sure you'll agree.

See it's not just a physical one, I mean, it's energetic. It's changing the frequencies our bodies are attuned to because we're getting a bit out of sorts. Generally speaking that is.

We've got depression and anxiety skyrocketing, chronic disease crippling our economy, water being polluted across the nation...I'm sure you know more than I.

And it's not going to change overnight but I know what's helping me. Breathing. Breath of fire, deep breathing, moving energy, strengthening my chi. All those new agey things...are making a difference.

I feel grounded, energized, patient, and more clear than I have in a long time. I'm scared because I feel walls coming down and paradigms shattering, but also ready and hungry for the change. My kundalini teacher, Guru Jagat, mentioned recently that:

“we practice kundalini to create rhythm in our bodies to better handle the arrhythmia in the world.”

I love this statement...and no pun intended, it resonates with me.

What would happen if we all started to clean up our energetic bodies and re-tuned ourselves with the frequencies that represent what we believe in. So it wasn't just words of ‘peace, love and harmony’ but that we actually were holding their patterns of energy in our cells like the Hidden Messages in Water?

Hopefully you're still with me because here's the thing...the world is not done getting crazier. I think it's just speeding up. We're going to need to know what it means to be grounded and what to be grounded in and to have a community of people all rooted in the same fundamentals so we don't lose ourselves when things really start to go off. I mean maybe they won't but why wait to find out? Why not just do the work right now to prepare? Three minutes a day breath of fire. 90 days. Starting today. Let's do this. 3 min, 90 days. Change the world?