About Rachel Monique

Hello! My name is Rachel Monique Maskell and here’s a little about me: 

I love writing by hand and go through journals like nobody’s business. When I’m the flow I’m downloading words from the Divine. I share these transmissions on the FeelTank, in Story Circles, and sometimes on Instagram.

I love street art and creativity. The way people can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. The scale and risk these artists take all driven from their own inner passion and desire. I love that.

I don’t own a computer and haven’t since about 2013. I sometimes use my iPad but most of my work is done on my iPhone. I’ve consciously chosen my work to support not needing a computer. I can’t sit for long stretches so my phone offers me a mobile office experience.

I love adventures, travel and festivals. I love excuses to wear glitter and play dress up which I do on the regular especially with my beautiful daughter Kaliana Grace.

I have an incredible husband, who like me, is on a mission to improve the world. Although his primary focus is in healthcare and wellness we are definitely on this journey together supporting each other in all ways possible.

For those this has relevance... My astrology chart:
Virgo sun
Cancer moon
Scorpio rising

My Human Design:
5/2 emotional manifester with the cross of informing

I am deeply influenced by the book the Great Cosmic Mother: rediscovering the religion of the earth. I feel called to transmit the stories and words of Gaia.

I am an ordained minister of the Divine Order of the Sacred Rose and a master teacher at AngelsTeach.

I call myself a Story Alchemist because stories have the power to transform and heal when given the right space and container. My work is to create that space.

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Or let’s meet in person! 

PS: A big thank you to Deborah Barak for all the images. Her work is fabulous.