Story Circles

We gather in circle to remember.
We gather in circle to share.
We gather in circle to heal.
We gather in circle to lead the next generation.

Because yes, time is up. We can no longer pretend things are fine just the way they are. The insanity and pain is staring us in the face every day.

It’s time now to connect. To come together and share our stories. To remember that we are all one and we are in it together.

Sisters. We are the womb of creation.

It’s time now to create something new. A new story. Together.

The Details:

How does Story Circle work?
We gather together in a circle either around a fire or candles. The Circle is opened with a meditation and reading. Once we’ve ‘arrived’ we then share are stories based on the theme of the month. We close the Circle with a poem or writing on the theme. 

What do you talk about?
Each month there is a new theme covering topics on sex, money, identity, relationships, communication, beauty, and motherhood.

How do you know what story to share?
Inside your gift bag is a really cool card with a picture and some words. This card is your prompt for your story. The question we ask is why this card for this theme?

Is it safe to share?
There are three agreements we make in the beginning of Story Circle: 1) we don't crosstalk 2) we don't give feedback and most importantly 3) what's shared in circle stays in circle. We all want a place where we’re not being fixed or judged. There are plenty of those. Story Circle is as sacred as you make it.

Do I bring anything?
An open heart and open ears.

What are other women saying about Story Circle?
“The story circle is a magical experience that gives you the space to express yourself! It also fills your soul with wisdom, hopefulness and reassurance that you are not alone!“

”❤ ❤ ❤ SO so much fun at the Story Circle. Really enjoyed myself and will be there for the next one.”

“Thank you so much for doing these. I’m realizing how important it is for us to share our stories as women.”

”Thank you so much for the beautiful space and the sacred container you created for the Story Circle event.”