Frequently Asked Questions

How do you care for the items of clothing you love? The good news is for your shweshwe kimono it’s not difficult but it’s good to know. Shweshwe is 100% cotton with a coating of starch so it starts off very stiff. It gets pre-washed before sewing but residual starch may be present. So like a new pair of true denim jeans, the more you wash and wear the softer they will become.  The makers of shweshwe, De Gama Textiles, recommends to: Wash separately  40° Wash (104 F) Do not bleach  Do not tumble dry  Do not dry clean  Warm iron   Instead of washing separately you may want to wash with like colors and as well it can be put into the dryer. However, like all clothing the more frequent it goes into the dryer the quicker the fabric breaks down.  Colors may fade over time and with washing. Since some of these colorways are no longer in production you may want to limit the frequency of washing and instead spot clean as needed. Read More

One of the missions of our brand is to learn about cultures through their textiles. Textiles, or fabric, contains within its threads, a woven history, a story of its origination. We believe learning about this origin story can help us connect to a place and its people a little better.  During my research, before coming to South Africa, I came across shwe shwe fabric and De Gama Textiles. The photos of the fabric looked so beautiful I knew that they would be a great fit for the kimono design I was working on. But it wasn’t until I was in Cape Town that I had a chance to feel and connect with the fabric, and for shwe shwe this is an important element for working with it.  One of the unique features of shwe shwe is the starch. Originally this was used to help with the dampness on the boats from transport. It was imported to South Africa in the mid 1800s from German settlers. When you feel the fabric it is very stiff and it must be washed before sewing. And similar to denim the more you wear it and wash it, the softer it gets. Because underneath it... Read More

There are no rules, and thankfully, no style police who will tell you how to wear your shweshwe kimono, but in case you are looking for some inspiration - we’ve got you covered.  Beach and pool vibe Headed to the beach or lounging by the pool? Take your shweshwe kimono instead of a towel. Dip, wear, and repeat when you’re ready to cool off again.  Lounging in the home Grab your shweshwe kimono for the first thing you put on in the day. The shorter sleeves makes it easier to be in the kitchen making coffee and getting ready - they don’t snag on things and you don’t have to roll them up. Stay in the tousled hair and morning breath until you’ve had that first cup of joe.  Festival look Definitely some of our original inspiration comes from festivals. The bright colors and patterns plus versatile functionality makes the shweshwe kimono perfect for outdoor partying. Wear over cutoffs and t-shirts or something a little sexier. Whatever is your party vibe.  Mama time  New mama? Breastfeeding? Don’t have the energy to deal with dressing? Grab your shweshwe kimono and call it a day. Easy to function in and looks good. ... Read More